Café & Bar




We pride ourselves on serving organic coffee and coffee-based beverages. We might not be overly nerdy, but we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.


Our overnight guests have the option to help themselves to beverages from our Honour Bar.

We serve several tasty breakfast treats,  from egg dishes to vegan bowls. Our goal is to make the menu as playful as the space itself. Combinations of a different kind.


We are open to the general public as well.


Daily: 8:30 to 18:00



Daily: 8:30 to 13:30


Contact & inquiries

+49 30 47 37 24 40

Breakfast is not included in the room or apartment price.


A combination of a few unconventional lassi ingredients is what makes this Immune Boosting!

Avocado Toast

One of the more popular breakfast items at Linnen. It is easy to say that the secret is in the romesco sauce.

Power Toast

This open-faced and toasted sandwich is a great breakfast or an afternoon snack. peanut butter, banana & maple syrup. Elvis would have liked this.

Green Eggs!

Just what the doctor ordered: spinach, eggs and goat's cheese. All bundled up and baked in a skillet.

Green Smoothies

Known as "The Hulk", our green smoothie is packed with goodness. A great option for those that are not looking to eat a full breakfast and want some healthy and filling.

Linnen's Thirst Aid

There are a few house made speciality beverages, one being the Linnenberry - a cranberry sprtizer with some splashes of ginger and elderflower.