Rooms & apartments in Prenzlauer Berg
& Mitte

News & Updates

On-site construction work.

Phase 1:

Begin late spring 2015


On-site construction work.

Phase 2:

Begin late summer 2015


Sleeping ‹Inn›

Linnen foyer, entrance, Sebastian Summa
ROOM4, inn


The PARK studios and the LUXX apartment, are super centrally located in Mitte.


CUBA has 3 bedrooms with a live-in-kitchen. The street level studio, LEGO, can sleep 2 persons. Both in Prenzlauer Berg.


PARK1 studio apartment in Mitte
CUBA 3 room apartment in Prenzlauer Berg
LEGO Studio and meeting room
PARK2 studio apartment in Mitte
LUXX 3 room apartment in Mitte

Meet & Sleep

Our new street level space can host meetings up to 6 people or accommodate 2 for an overnight stay. There is also a gallery space where we showcase local designers and artists.


LEGO studio & meeting room
LEGO studio & meeting room

Located on Eberswalder Straße in Prenzlauer Berg, this modern boutique-style "inn", with a lovely on-site café, has 6 individually-styled rooms, a separate three-room apartment, and a street level studio in the same building.


From time to time there are some things happening in and around our business. Keep yourself informed.



We have a limited collection of items that we use in our space for sale at our main location.


Events & Concerts



The café hosts events such as product launches, concerts, and supper clubs.



Most of our spaces are in the same building in Prenzlauer Berg. We also have three apartments in Mitte.


Linnen breakfast

Café & Bar

The café serves a nice breakfast. Pyjamas are optional.


From time to time events take place in the café. Feel free to have a look, something might interest you.


Linnen breakfast smoothie, The Hulk
Linnen breakfast
Linnen breakfast etagere