Rooms & apartments in Prenzlauer Berg
& Mitte

Linnen breakfast

Sleeping ‹Inn›

Located on Eberswalder Straße in Prenzlauer Berg, this modern boutique-style "inn" has 6 individually-designed rooms, as well as a separate three-room apartment and a street level studio in the same building.


CUBA has 3 bedrooms with a live-in-kitchen. LEGO, the street level studio can sleep 2 persons. Both are located in Prenzlauer Berg.


The LUXX apartment is super centrally located in Mitte.

PARK1 studio apartment in Mitte

Meet & Sleep

Our breakfast room can also be rented for meetings. We are still working on this, but feel free to get in touch with us, if you are interested in organising something.


LEGO studio & meeting room

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